TOSB, particularly in Istanbul, Kocaeli and Bursa in Turkey to be scattered in various parts of the active parts in the automotive industry produces for TAYSAD (Automotive Parts and Components Industry Association member) 345 members of the 40's, Production, Technological Development, export obligation in terms of construction, etc. It’s established to provide a solution to problems in the future, to adapt to technological advances in the understanding of present-day management of economic restructuring, according to a scale on the basis of the grouping.

After review and positive reports of the relevant government agencies and upon approval of the allocation of land by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the State Planning Organization, dated April 7, 1992 ,TOSB Project had declared by the repeated edition of the Official Newspaper No. 21192 of 1992 and have been included in the investment program and TOSB enterprising group was created under the chairmanship of Kocaeli Governor. Today, TOSB management organisation is consist of Kocaeli Governor for the Presidency of the Board of Enterprising, Kocaeli Governorship, Kocaeli Chamber of Industry ( KSO ) and TAYSAD.

Upon publication in the Official Newspaper No. 24021 dated 15.04.2005, with the law number 4562 named as "Organized Industrial Zones Law" TOSB legal entity has been registered with the register number 75 dated on 19.02.2001

TOSB has been established in Turkey’s most developed Kocaeli-Gebze region where key and subsidiary industries are significantly close to each other. Also. TOSB has an excellent geographical location owing to its proximity to such important city centers as Istanbul, Kocaeli, Sakarya and the important industrial facilities, particularly those related to automative and to such industry units as universities and research institutions as well as the opportunity of employing qualified employees.by taking into consideration of worldwide applications. Selection of lands occurrence is especially made of the region's where arid, and non agricultural potential, those criteria has been one of the most important factors in this election.

TOSB Organized Industrial Zone operates for only specialized automotive parts industrialists and only the specialized industrial zone which can made or can be made expropriation on behalf of for public benefit reasons and also has a corporate legal personality,

TOSB is fully funded by it’s participating industrialist members and no state loan was used.

TOSB was implemented with the participation of 40 members in the number of exhibitors increased to 78 in 2014. This parcel was allocated to 91 member companies. 95 are still participating member in TOSB our companies (including tenants) has activities in manufacturing, 6 Companies are under construction and 3 of them  are in project stage. 15,500 people are still employed in TOSB, by the end of 2014 this number is estimated to reach 17,000.

Free from the complicating bureaucracy. TOSB District Office grants and audits the permits and licences related to land use within the borders of the industrial zone,and the project design costructing and use of every structure and facilitiy to be built for the local investments

Permits and licenses granted by TOSB

Zoning Status, Infrastructure connection information, Project approvals, Building licences, Building Utilization permit( certification of occupancy ),Elevator licences, Energy permits, Business experience certificates, Site selection and facilitiy establishment permits, Waste treatment plant projects approvals, Test permits, Connection permits, Business license, Fire safety reports