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Product Group Product Name
Others Manufacture Vehicle Superstructures
Others Cataphoresis
Others Trailers
Body Structure Bumper
Body Structure Vehicle frames
Raw Materials Alloy steels
Raw Materials Coated Flat rolled steel products
Raw Materials Welding Wires
Raw Materials Industrial Adhesives and Sealer PU Base
Raw Materials Pigmant Pastes For The Coloration of Polyurethane
Raw Materials Water and Solvent Based Release Agents For Polyurethane Systems
Raw Materials Polyol Systems (Polyol&Isocyanate)
Raw Materials Polyurethane Auxiliary Chemicals
Raw Materials PVC Folio
Raw Materials Alloy steelsCold Rolled Metal Bar
Raw Materials Grinded Bars ( Steel Bars )
Raw Materials Thermoplastics Elastomers TPE-SBS
Raw Materials Thermoplastics Elastomers TPE-V
Raw Materials Hot Flat rolled steel products
Raw Materials Uncoated Flat rolled steel products
Raw Materials Surface Technologies Chemicals
Interior Trunk lockers
Interior Blowers
Interior Cab locks
Interior Door panels
Interior Rubber amortisor parts
Interior Rivets
Interior Reflex reflectors
Interior Head Liner
Engines Cast aluminium and cast steel parts
Engines Yokes
Engines Joints
Engines Sealing compounds
Engines Casting
Engines Forged parts
Engines Fan and ventilators
Engines Hoses
Engines Hose lines
Engines Hose clamps
Engines Heat Shield
Engines Tubing and Fittings
Engines Bearings
Engines Seal and gasket sets
Engines Seal and gaskets
Engines Nuts
Engines Screw - securing devices and solf - locking nuts
Engineering Design and Development / Engineering Services
Chassis Aluminum Wheels
Chassis Shock absorbers
Chassis Battery Cooling Plates
Chassis Tubes
Chassis Steel Wheels
Chassis Impact absorbers
Chassis Axle parts
Chassis Disk brake pads
Chassis Disk brakes
Chassis Cast suspension parts
Chassis Forged suspension parts
Chassis Brake linings
Chassis Brake lines
Chassis Brake Drums
Chassis Brake shoes
Chassis Hydraulic pumps
Chassis Hydraulic Valves
Chassis Wheels
Chassis Automotive and Industrial Fittings
Chassis Axle Oil Box
Chassis Suspension elements
Chassis Suspension strut cartridge
Chassis Frame parts
Chassis Chassis Mountings
Chassis Containers
Chassis Wheels
Chassis Screw - securing devices and solf - locking nuts
Chassis Screws
Chassis Fuel tank covers
Chassis Fuel tanks

Quality Certificates

Document Name Receipt Date Validity Date Institution from which the document was obtained
ISO 9001 28.05.2001 29.01.2024 Türk Standartları Enstitüsü
ISO 14001 06.06.2007 24.07.2022 Türk Standartları Enstitüsü
OHSAS 18001 06.06.2007 06.12.2021 Türk Standartları Enstitüsü
ISO 10002 31.12.2015 23.12.2021 Bureau Veritas Certification
ISO 27001 01.12.2017 24.12.2023 Kiwa Belgelendirme Hizmetleri A.Ş.

Fields of Activity

R&D, Design, Engineering
Digital Transformation
Welding (Aluminum)
Composite Plastic
Sheet Metal Forming
Surface Coating